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Basic functionality is also available within the Instagram app and website. IGTV allows uploads of up to 10 minutes in length with a file size of up to MB, with verified and popular users allowed to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length with a file size of up to 5.

In December , Instagram announced Instagram Direct, a feature that lets users interact through private messaging. Users who follow each other can send private messages with photos and videos, in contrast to the public-only requirement that was previously in place.

When users receive a private message from someone they don't follow, the message is marked as pending and the user must accept to see it.

Users can send a photo to a maximum of 15 people. Additionally, users can now reply to private messages with text, emoji or by clicking on a heart icon.

A camera inside Direct lets users take a photo and send it to the recipient without leaving the conversation. In August , Instagram launched Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to take photos, add effects and layers, and add them to their Instagram story.

Images uploaded to a user's story expire after 24 hours. The media noted the feature's similarities to Snapchat.

You can trace the roots of every feature anyone has in their app, somewhere in the history of technology". Although Systrom acknowledged the criticism as "fair", Recode wrote that "he likened the two social apps' common features to the auto industry: Multiple car companies can coexist, with enough differences among them that they serve different consumer audiences".

Systrom further stated that "When we adopted [Stories], we decided that one of the really annoying things about the format is that it just kept going and you couldn't pause it to look at something, you couldn't rewind.

We did all that, we implemented that. They adopted filters because Instagram had filters and a lot of others were trying to adopt filters as well.

In November, Instagram added live video functionality to Instagram Stories, allowing users to broadcast themselves live, with the video disappearing immediately after ending.

In January , Instagram launched skippable ads, where five-second photo and second video ads appear in-between different stories.

In April , Instagram Stories incorporated augmented reality stickers, a "clone" of Snapchat's functionality.

In May , Instagram expanded the augmented reality sticker feature to support face filters, letting users add specific visual features onto their faces.

Later in May, TechCrunch reported about tests of a Location Stories feature in Instagram Stories, where public Stories content at a certain location are compiled and displayed on a business, landmark or place's Instagram page.

In June , Instagram revised its live-video functionality to allow users to add their live broadcast to their story for availability in the next 24 hours, or discard the broadcast immediately.

Stories were made available for viewing on Instagram's mobile and desktop websites in late August On December 5, , Instagram introduced "Story Highlights", [] also known as "Permanent Stories", which are similar to Instagram Stories, but don't expire.

They appear as circles below the profile picture and biography and are accessible from the desktop website as well. Emily White joined Instagram as Director of Business Operations in April [] [] She stated in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in September that the company should be ready to begin selling advertising by September as a way to generate business from a popular entity that had not yet created profit for its parent company.

In October , Instagram announced that video and image ads would soon appear in feeds for users in the United States, [] [] with the first image advertisements displaying on November 1, In March , Instagram announced it would implement "carousel ads," allowing advertisers to display multiple images with options for linking to additional content.

In May , Instagram launched new tools for business accounts, including business profiles, analytics and the ability to promote posts as ads.

To access the tools, businesses had to link a corresponding Facebook page. In November , Instagram added the ability for business accounts to add product links directing users to a purchase page or to save them to a "shopping list.

In March , via a blog post, Instagram announced that they are making major moderation changes in order to decrease the flow of disinformation, hoaxes and fake news regarding COVID on its platform, "We'll remove COVID accounts from account recommendations, and we are working to remove some COVID related content from Explore unless posted by a credible health organization.

We will also start to downrank content in feed and Stories that has been rated false by third-party fact-checkers. Instagram has developed and released three stand-alone apps with specialized functionality.

In July , it released Bolt , a messaging app where users click on a friend's profile photo to quickly send an image, with the content disappearing after being seen.

The popularity of Instagram has led to a variety of third-party services designed to integrate with it, including services for creating content to post on the service and generating content from Instagram photos including physical print-outs , analytics, and alternative clients for platforms with insufficient or no official support from Instagram such as in the past, iPads.

In November , Instagram announced that effective June 1, , it would end "feed" API access to its platform in order to "maintain control for the community and provide a clear roadmap for developers" and "set up a more sustainable environment built around authentic experiences on the platform", including those oriented towards content creation, publishers, and advertisers.

It was reported that these changes were primarily intended to discourage third-party clients replicating the entire Instagram experience due to increasing monetization of the service , and security reasons such as preventing abuse by automated click farms , and the hijacking of accounts.

For unlimited browsing of public Instagram profiles without having to create an account, as well as for anonymous browsing of someone else's Stories, has to use the Instagram profiles viewer.

For this reason, they are very valuable for market research. Following the release in October, Instagram had one million registered users in December From June to June , Instagram approximately doubled their number of users.

Ongoing research continues to explore how media content on the platform affects user engagement. Past research has found that media which show peoples' faces receive more 'likes' and comments and that using filters that increase warmth, exposure, and contrast also boosts engagement.

The motives for using Instagram among young people are mainly to look at posts, particularly for the sake of social interactions and recreation.

In contrast, the level of agreement expressed in creating Instagram posts was lower, which demonstrates that Instagram's emphasis on visual communication is widely accepted by young people in social communication.

In May , a survey conducted by the United Kingdom's Royal Society for Public Health , featuring 1, people aged 14—24, asking them to rate social media platforms depending on anxiety, depression, loneliness, bullying and body image, concluded that Instagram was the "worst for young mental health".

Some have suggested it may contribute to digital dependence , whist this same survey noticed its positive effects, including self-expression, self-identity, and community building.

In response to the survey, Instagram stated that "Keeping Instagram a safe and supportive place for young people was a top priority".

If some of the accounts violate Instagram's community guidelines, it will take action, which could include banning them.

In , researchers from Harvard University and University of Vermont demonstrated a machine learning tool that successfully outperformed general practitioners' diagnostic success rate for depression.

The tool used color analysis, metadata components, and face detection of users' feeds. In response to abusive and negative comments on users' photos, Instagram has made efforts to give users more control over their posts and accompanying comments field.

In July , it announced that users would be able to turn off comments for their posts, as well as control the language used in comments by inputting words they consider offensive, which will ban applicable comments from showing up.

In September , the company announced that public users would be able to limit who can comment on their content, such as only their followers or people they follow.

At the same time, it updated its automated comment filter to support additional languages. In June , Instagram announced that it would automatically attempt to filter offensive, harassing, and "spammy" comments by default.

The system is built using a Facebook-developed deep learning algorithm known as DeepText first implemented on the social network to detect spam comments , which utilizes natural-language processing techniques, and can also filter by user-specified keywords.

In July , the service announced that it would introduce a system to proactively detect problematic comments and encourage the user to reconsider their comment, as well as allowing users the ability to "restrict" others' abilities to communicate with them, citing that younger users felt the existing block system was too much of an escalation.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, on 11 January , Instagram and its parent company Facebook are picking up posts "that voice support for slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani to comply with US sanctions".

Instagram has been the subject of criticism due to users publishing images of drugs they are selling on the platform. In , the BBC discovered that users, mostly located in the United States, were posting images of drugs they were selling, attaching specific hashtags, and then completing transactions via instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Corresponding hashtags have been blocked as part of the company's response and a spokesperson engaged with the BBC explained: [] [].

Instagram has a clear set of rules about what is and isn't allowed on the site. We encourage people who come across illegal or inappropriate content to report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo, video or comment, so we can take action.

People can't buy things on Instagram, we are simply a place where people share photos and videos. However, new incidents of illegal drug trade have occurred in the aftermath of the revelation, with Facebook, Instagram's parent company, asking users who come across such content to report the material, at which time a "dedicated team" reviews the information.

In , Facebook announced that influencers are no longer able to post any vape , tobacco products, and weapons promotions on Facebook and Instagram.

In October , Instagram deleted the account of Canadian photographer Petra Collins after she posted a photo of herself in which a very small area of pubic hair was visible above the top of her bikini bottom.

Collins claimed that the account deletion was unfounded because it did not break any of Instagram's terms and conditions. You can indeed find more sexually suggestive photos on the site than Collins', where women show the side of "femininity" the world is "used to" seeing and accepting.

Similar incidents occurred in January , when Instagram deleted Australian fashion agency Sticks and Stones Agency's account because of a photograph including pubic hair sticking out of bikini bottoms, [] and March , when artist and poet Rupi Kaur 's photos of menstrual blood on clothing were removed, prompting a rallying post on her Facebook and Tumblr accounts with the text "We will not be censored", gaining over 11, shares.

The incidents have led to a FreetheNipple campaign, aimed at challenging Instagram's removal of photos displaying women's nipples.

However, this statement has also been called into question due to other apps with more explicit content allowed on the store, the lack of consequences for men exposing their bodies on Instagram, and for inconsistent treatment of what constitutes inappropriate exposure of the female body.

Instagram has been blocked by China following the Hong Kong protests because a lot of videos and photos are posted.

Hong Kong and Macau were not affected as they are special administrative regions of China. Turkey is also known for its strict Internet censorship and periodically blocks social media including Instagram.

A few days after a fire incident that happened in the Koryo Hotel in North Korea on June 11, , authorities began to block Instagram to prevent photos of the incident from being spread out.

In August , reports surfaced that a bug in Instagram's developer tools had allowed "one or more individuals" to gain access to the contact information, specifically email addresses and phone numbers, of several high-profile verified accounts, including its most followed user, Selena Gomez.

The company said in a statement that it had "fixed the bug swiftly" and was running an investigation.

The company admitted that "we cannot determine which specific accounts may have been impacted", but believed that "it was a low percentage of Instagram accounts", though TechCrunch stated in its report that six million accounts were affected by the hack, and that "Instagram services more than million accounts; six million is not a small number".

In , Apple pulled an app that let users stalk people on Instagram by scraping accounts and collecting data. On December 17, , Instagram announced a change to its Terms of Service policy, adding the following sentence: [].

There was no option for users to opt out of the changed Terms of Service without deleting their accounts before the new policy went into effect on January 16, Citing misinterpretations about its intention to "communicate that we'd like to experiment with innovative advertising that feels appropriate on Instagram", Systrom also stated that it was "our mistake that this language is confusing" and that "it is not our intention to sell your photos".

Furthermore, he wrote that they would work on "updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear". The policy change and its backlash caused competing photo services to use the opportunity to "try to lure users away" by promoting their privacy-friendly services, [] and some services experienced substantial gains in momentum and user growth following the news.

We could have had the exact same freakout last week, or a year ago, or the day Instagram launched". The policy update also introduced an arbitration clause, which remained even after the language pertaining to advertising and user content had been modified.

In April , Instagram began rolling out a change to the order of photos visible in a user's timeline, shifting from a strictly chronological order to one determined by an algorithm.

Since , Instagram has employed the ability to reduce the prominence of accounts " shadowbanning " it believes may be generating non-genuine engagement and spam including excessive use of unneeded hashtags , preventing posts from appearing in search results and in the app's Explore section.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Instagram wrote that "When developing content, we recommend focusing on your business objective or goal rather than hashtags".

Instagram caused the userbase to fall into outrage with the December update. Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu has given public talks explaining that Facebook's purchase of Instagram was a felony.

Wu stated that this document was an email directly from Mark Zuckerberg , whereas the Post article had stated that their source had declined to say whether the high-ranking executive was the CEO.

The article reported that the FTC "has formed a task force to review "anticompetitive conduct" in the tech world amid concerns that tech companies are growing too powerful.

The task force will look at "the full panoply of remedies" if it finds "competitive harm," FTC competition bureau director Bruce Hoffman told reporters.

In , Olivia Solon, a reporter for The Guardian , posted a screenshot to her Instagram profile of an email she had received containing threats of rape and murder towards her.

The photo post had received three likes and countless comments, and in September , the company's algorithms turned the photo into an advertisement visible to Solon's sister.

An Instagram spokesperson apologized and told The Guardian that "We are sorry this happened — it's not the experience we want someone to have.

This notification post was surfaced as part of an effort to encourage engagement on Instagram.

Posts are generally received by a small percentage of a person's Facebook friends". As noted by the technology media, the incident occurred at the same time parent company Facebook was under scrutiny for its algorithms and advertising campaigns being used for offensive and negative purposes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Online photo-sharing and social networking service. For the song, see Instagram song. This article contains weasel words : vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information.

Such statements should be clarified or removed. January Kevin Systrom Mike Krieger. List of languages. Normal: No filter applied. Amaro: Adds light to an image, with the focus on the center.

Earlybird: Gives photographs an older look with a sepia tint and warm temperature. Hefe: High contrast and saturation, with a similar effect to Lo-Fi but not quite as dramatic.

Hudson: Creates an "icy" illusion with heightened shadows, a cool tint and a dodged center. Kelvin: Increases saturation and temperature to give it a radiant "glow".

Mayfair: Applies a warm pink tone, subtle vignetting to brighten the photograph center and a thin black border.

Rise: Adds a "glow" to the image, with softer lighting of the subject. Sierra: Gives a faded, softer look. Sutro: Burns photo edges, increases highlights and shadows dramatically with a focus on purple and brown colors.

Toaster: Ages the image by "burning" the center and adds a dramatic vignette. Valencia: Fades the image by increasing exposure and warming the colors, to give it an antique feel.

On top of her handicap, the grandmother developed psychosis and constantly blamed her daughter for her illness. She made Wenche completely sacrifice her life for her so that she wasn't allowed to develop as a normal child at all and didn't attend school regularly or built a stable group of friends.

She fled her abusive home at age 17 and soon after that became a teenage mother. Some time later she met Jens Breivik who later became Anders' father.

During her pregnancy Breivik mother already developed a disdain for him. She claimed that he was a "nasty child" and that he was "kicking her on purpose".

She had wanted to abort him but at the time that she returned to Norway from the UK, she had already passed the three months threshold for an abortion.

Psychologists reports stated that she thought that Breivik was a "fundamentally nasty and evil child and determined to destroy her.

Breivik's mother moved back to Oslo in no. The neighbors claimed that there were noises of fights and that the mother left her children completely alone for extended periods of time, while she was working as a nurse.

In Breivik's mother applied for economic help and in she applied for respite care for her son. She says that she was overwhelmed with the boy and unable to care for him.

She described him to be "clingy and demanding. This couple later told police that the mother, when bringing two-year-old Breivik to the house, had asked that he be allowed to touch the man's penis because he had no one to compare himself to in terms of appearance.

This suggests that Breivik had been sexually abused by the age of two already. There the mother then stayed during the day with Breivik and was observed by psychiatrists for about one month.

The conclusion of the stay from the psychiatrists was that Breivik should be placed in the foster care system and had to be removed from his mother for him to develop normally.

The justification for this was several observations. Breivik was almost completely void of any emotional engagement. He didn't show joy.

He didn't cry when he was hurt. He made no attempts to play with other children. He was also extremely clean and became anxious when his toys weren't in order.

Psychologists believed that he had become this way because of the negative reactions his mother displayed to any emotion he showed.

They thought that she had punished him and reacted extremely negatively to him displaying emotions that had led him to become devoid of any visible emotions.

His mother had also claimed that he is uncleanly and that she constantly had to care for him and run after him.

Psychologists believed that Breivik had become this cleanly because of fear of punishment from his mother. He didn't show the normal level of uncleanliness of a four-year-old.

Breivik seemed extremely careful and controlled. He had no repertoire on how to express emotions normally.

During long phases of emotional voidness he would rarely erupt and display extreme uncontrolled emotions. Reports of the staff said that his mother had told Breivik while she knew that she was being observed by health personnel that she "wished that he was dead".

At the same time, she tied him to her and switched from being very affectionate to being extremely cruel from one minute to the other.

This was an unacceptable situation for a four-year-old to be in, according to the psychiatrists. The report from stated "Anders is a victim of his mother's projections of paranoid-aggressive and sexual fears toward men in general", and "she projects onto him her own primitive, aggressive and sexual fantasies; all the qualities in men that she regards as dangerous and aggressive.

He alternated between clinginess, petty aggression and extreme childishness. Anders should be removed from the family and given a better standard of care; the mother is provoked by him and remains in an ambivalent position which prevents him from developing on his own terms.

Anders has become an anxious, passive child that averts making contact. He displays a manic defense mechanism of restless activity and a feigned, deflecting smile.

Considering the profoundly pathological relationship between Anders and his mother it is crucial to make an early effort to ward off a severely skewed development in the boy.

They did not understand how harmful the treatment of his mother was for Breivik. Instead, he was placed in respite care only during the weekends.

SSBU hoped that eventually he would be fully placed into foster care. However when Breivik's father, Jens Breivik, learned of the situation he filed for custody.

Although Breivik's mother had agreed to have him put in respite care, after Jens had filed for custody she demanded that Breivik be put back into full custody with her.

Both the mother and father got lawyers involved. Eventually, the case was dropped because the Welfare Services thought that they wouldn't be able to provide enough evidence in court to warrant the placement of Breivik in foster care.

One of the main reasons for this was the testimony of staff from the Vigelandsparken nursery, which Breivik had been attending since They described him as a happy child and claimed that nothing was wrong or had been wrong with him all along.

During all of this the SSBU maintained their stances and said "urgent action is crucially needed to prevent a severely skewed development in the boy".

In a hearing in front of Barnevernsnemnda the municipal child welfare committee took place on whether Breivik's mother should lose custody of him.

During the hearing, a young social worker who had never represented a case in court before was up against the experienced lawyer hired by Breivik's mother.

She naturally won the case. It was ruled that the family should be supervised. However after only three visits the supervision was discontinued.

Breivik was never again put into respite care or foster care. SSBU heavily criticised the decision stating "The family's situation was deeply troubling.

The boy was at risk of developing serious issues, and had the Child Welfare Service deliberately chosen to do nothing, they would have failed him. They did not have authority to make formal decisions.

Only the Child Welfare Service could do that. Breivik was exempt from conscription to military service in the Norwegian Army and had no military training.

After the age of 21, Breivik was in the customer service department of an unnamed company, working with "people from all countries" and being "kind to everyone".

According to Reshetnikov, Breivik visited Belarus three times and had lasting connections with the country.

According to official data, Breivik visited Belarus only once, as a tourist in This woman later visited him in Oslo. According to friends, Breivik had cosmetic surgery done on his chin, nose and forehead while in his early twenties, and was very satisfied with the result.

Breivik claims that in at the age of 23 he started a nine-year-plan to finance the attacks, founding his own computer programming business while working at the customer service company.

He claims that his company grew to six employees and "several offshore bank accounts", and that he made his first million kroner at the age of He writes in his manifesto that he lost 2 million kroner on stock speculation, but still had about 2 million kroner to finance the attack.

The first set of psychiatrists who evaluated him said in their report his mental health deteriorated at this stage and he went into a state of withdrawal and isolation.

In May , he founded a farming company under the name "Breivik Geofarm", [67] described as a farming sole proprietorship set up to cultivate vegetables, melons, roots, and tubers.

In , he visited Prague in an attempt to buy illegal weapons. He was unable to obtain a weapon there and decided to get weapons through legal channels in Norway instead.

He claimed it helped him gain target acquisition. On 23 June , a month before the attacks, he paid the outstanding amount on his nine credit cards so he could have access to funds during his preparations.

As he admits in his manifesto he used the company as a cover to legally obtain large amounts of artificial fertiliser and other chemicals for the manufacturing of explosives.

Speaking to the newspaper, Jon Fitje of PST said the information they found gave no indication of anything suspicious. Breivik's farmer neighbour described him as looking like a "city dweller, who wore expensive shirts and who knew nothing about rural ways".

Breivik had also covered up the windows of his house. The owner of a local bar, who once worked as a profiler of passengers' body language at Oslo Airport , said there was nothing unusual about Breivik, who was an occasional customer at the bar.

On 22 July , Breivik detonated a fertilizer bomb outside the tower block housing the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in Oslo, resulting in eight deaths.

When the Emergency Response Unit based in Oslo arrived on the island and confronted him, he surrendered without resistance. Breivik admitted to the crimes and said the purpose of the attack was to save Norway and Western Europe from a Muslim takeover, and that the Labour Party had to "pay the price" for "letting down Norway and the Norwegian people.

After his arrest, Breivik referred to himself as "the greatest monster since Quisling. On the way to his first jail meeting, Breivik's police escort was met with an angry crowd, some of whom shouted "burn in hell" or "traitor", while others used stronger words.

On 25 July , Breivik was charged with violating paragraph a of the Norwegian criminal code, [87] [88] "destabilising or destroying basic functions of society" and "creating serious fear in the population", [89] both of which are acts of terrorism under Norwegian law.

He was ordered held for eight weeks, the first four in solitary confinement, pending further court proceedings. The Director of Public Prosecutions had initially decided to censor the document to the public, leaving out the names of the victims as well as details about their deaths.

Due to the public's reaction, this decision was reversed prior to its release. It would be heard in the same specially-constructed courtroom where the initial criminal case was tried.

Breivik was kept at Ila Prison after arrest. There, he had at his disposal three prison cells: one where he could rest, sleep, and watch DVD movies or television, a second that was set up for him to use a PC without Internet connection, and a third with gym equipment.

Only selected prison staff with special qualifications were allowed to work around him, and the prison management aimed to not let his presence as a high-security prisoner affect any of the other inmates.

According to one of his attorneys, Breivik was curious to learn whether his manifesto has begun to take root in society. Breivik's attorneys, in consultation with Breivik, considered whether to have some of his interlocutors called as witnesses during the trial.

The first such was cancelled by the prison administration following a background check of the journalist in question. A second interview was agreed to by Breivik, and the prison requested a background check to be done by the police in the country where the journalist is from.

No information has been given about the media organisations in question. Breivik underwent his first examination by court-appointed forensic psychiatrists in The psychiatrists diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia , concluding that he had developed the disorder over time and was psychotic both when he carried out the attacks and during the observation.

He was also diagnosed with abuse of non-dependence-producing substances antecedent of 22 July. The psychiatrists consequently found Breivik to be criminally insane.

According to the report, Breivik displayed inappropriate and blunted affect and a severe lack of empathy. He spoke incoherently in neologisms and had acted compulsively based on a universe of bizarre, grandiose and delusional thoughts.

Breivik alluded to himself as the future regent of Norway, master of life and death, while calling himself "inordinately loving" and "Europe's most perfect knight since WWII".

He was convinced that he was a warrior in a "low intensity civil war" and had been chosen to save his people.

Breivik described plans to carry out further "executions of categories A, B and C traitors" by the thousands, the psychiatrists included, and to organize Norwegians in reservations for the purpose of selective breeding.

Breivik believed himself to be the "knight Justiciar grand master" of a Templar organisation. He was deemed to be suicidal and homicidal by the psychiatrists.

He later said "this provides new opportunities". The outcome of Breivik's first competency evaluation was fiercely debated in Norway by mental health experts, over the court-appointed psychiatrists' opinion and the country's definition of criminal insanity.

According to senior psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist, who was commissioned by the prison to examine Breivik, he rather appeared to have personality disorders.

On 13 January , after much public pressure, the Oslo District Court ordered a second expert panel to evaluate Breivik's mental state. If the original diagnosis had been upheld by the court, it would have meant that Anders Behring Breivik could not be sentenced to a prison term.

The prosecution could instead have requested that he be detained in a psychiatric hospital. If considered a perpetual danger to society, Breivik could have been kept in confinement for life.

To send a political activist to a mental hospital is more sadistic and evil than to kill him! It is a fate worse than death.

On 8 June , Professor of Psychiatry Ulrik Fredrik Malt testified in court as an expert witness, saying he found it unlikely that Breivik had schizophrenia.

According to Malt, Breivik primarily suffered from Asperger syndrome , Tourette syndrome , narcissistic personality disorder and possibly paranoid psychosis.

In the pre-trial hearing, February , Breivik read a prepared statement demanding to be released and treated as a hero for his "pre-emptive attack against traitors" accused of planning cultural genocide.

He said, "They are committing, or planning to commit, cultural destruction, including deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group and deconstruction of Norwegian culture.

This is the same as ethnic cleansing. Closing arguments were held on 22 June. On 24 August , Breivik was adjudged sane and sentenced to containment —a special form of a prison sentence that can be extended indefinitely; with an approximate period of 21 years and a minimum time of 10 years, the maximum penalty in Norway.

The court said "many people share Breivik's conspiracy theory , including the Eurabia theory. The court finds that very few people, however, share Breivik's idea that the alleged ' Islamisation ' should be fought with terror.

Since Breivik has received visits from a prison visitor — a military chaplain ranked major — every two weeks. He is isolated from the other inmates, and only has contact with health care workers and guards.

As of [update] , he has an electric typewriter and an Xbox without internet connection in his cell. He has been enrolled since in the bachelor's degree program in political science at the University of Oslo , with a prison official providing him with materials; he does not have internet access.

In , Breivik planned to set up an organisation he called the Conservative Revolutionary Movement which he envisioned consisting of around 50 right-wing activists in Europe, as well as an organization for imprisoned right-wing activists; Breivik has written to, among others, Peter Mangs and Beate Zschäpe ; [] media claimed in that Mangs had received letters.

He has said that he wants to write three books: the first being his own account of the events on the day of the attacks, the second discussing the ideology underlying his actions, and a third on his visions for the future.

Since Breivik has been held at Telemark Prison. After he came to Skien Prison, 5 out of letters that he had sent had not been confiscated, he testified in court in He added, "Of the forms regarding prison visits that I have mailed, all have been confiscated.

Politicians from several Norwegian parties have protested Breivik's activities in prison, which they see as him continuing to expose his ideology and possibly encouraging further criminal acts.

In November , Breivik wrote a page letter of complaint to the prison authorities about the security restrictions he was being held under, claiming that the prison director personally wanted to punish him.

Among his complaints were that his cell is not adequately heated and he has to wear three layers of clothing to stay warm, guards interfere with his strictly-planned daily schedule, his cell is poorly decorated and has no view, his reading lamp is inadequate, guards supervise him while he is brushing his teeth and shaving and put indirect mental pressure on him to finish quickly by tapping their feet while waiting, he is "not having candy" and is served cold coffee, and he is strip-searched daily, sometimes by female guards.

Authorities only lifted one minor restriction against Breivik; his rubber safety pen, which he described as an "almost indescribable manifestation of sadism," was replaced with an ordinary pen.

In letters to foreign media outlets he told about his demands in to prison authorities "including easier communication with the outside world and a PlayStation 3 to replace the current PlayStation 2, because it offers more suitable games"; media reported in about demands that he would starve himself to death if refused "access to a sofa and a bigger gym"; furthermore he said that "Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids' games.

One example is " Rayman Revolution ", a game aimed at three year-olds," Breivik complained to prison officials.

In September , Breivik again threatened a hunger strike , because of deteriorating prison conditions, [] but delayed in order to sue the Norwegian Government over prison conditions.

During 15—18 March , Breivik was the plaintiff in a civil trial. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security was the defendant in court, since the Correctional Service which was being sued was subordinate to the ministry.

Breivik sued the government over his solitary confinement, and his general conditions of imprisonment, including a claim of an excessive use of handcuffs.

Breivik claimed that his solitary confinement violated his human rights and asserted that he had been subjected to "degrading treatment, including hundreds of strip searches and frequent searches of his cell, including at night.

On 6 March , media said that Oslo District Court had again refused to allow the press to join a walk-through of Breivik's prison cell in the following week.

The second request had included the suggestion that one person, with a gagging order in place, could represent the entire press corps, while joining the walk-through.

On 8 March, media said that parts of the trial proceedings would be closed to the general public, according to a decision by Oslo District Court, which upheld its previous ruling.

On 14 March, members of the court performed a walk-through of prison cells used by Breivik at Ila Prison ; later the same week the members of the court inspected the prison facilities used by Breivik at Skien Prison.

Upon arrival, after police removed his handcuffs, Breivik shook hands with his lawyers, and thereafter faced the gallery and performed a Nazi-style salute.

On 16 March, Breivik started his testimony, [] "to give his view on the strict prison regimen [that he is exposed to] and any damage done to his health while in prison as a cause of isolation".

I have been thinking that visits without a glass wall could be something [to consider]. I don't think that with his image, he would be violent to someone he has [some sort of] a [working-] relationship to.

NRK reported that "The Parliamentary Ombudsman has previously reported that the regimen for serving a prison sentence at the level of particularly high security " constitutes a heightened risk of inhumane treatment.

Now it appears that Parliamentary Ombudsman will not testify". At the start of the third day of the trial, Storrvik introduced a report from the "prevention section" at [the office of] the Parliamentary Ombudsman, dated 11 November , regarding a series of visits that year by the ombudsman; the report said that Breivik was being held at a section where sometimes there was only one prisoner.

He said that in that section of the prison, it should expand the planned community between prisoners and employees and consider other measures to minimise the risk of isolation damage.

At that section the prison should evaluate alternative possibilities for recreation in fresh air, in addition to the concrete exercise yard.

The report recommended that the prison should discontinue the visual surveillance of health-related conversations that occur with a glass wall between prisoner and health personnel.

Storrvik confronted Bjarkeid with a document regarding [prison] Section G being turned [in part] into a "particularly high security department".

He read: "There are obvious limits to how long he can be in Section G"; the document was written by Bjarkeid. Storrvik said that "The words are here, obviously there are limits to how long he shall be isolated.

This was in He is still in total isolation". Draugedalen shook hands with Breivik, with five prison officers present; all the later consultations until the trial were held with a glass wall separating them.

At Storrvik read from [Breivik's medical] record dated 5 February that Breivik intends to recreate less in fresh air because of the strip searches that follow; Storrvik asked Haukeland: "The fact that he goes outside less, to avoid being strip searched, was that discussed as a problem?

The sixth witness was Tore Stenshagen , also a section leader at Skien, who served during the third quarter of Stenshagen testified that sometimes he sits down [in Breivik's cell] and talks with Breivik, and sometimes they are accompanied by only one prison officer.

Iversen was asked why Breivik was transferred to Skien rather than to Ringerike Prison ; Iversen answered that he became a case-worker in , and he was not involved in the transfer.

Summing up the case for Breivik, Storrvik said: "For some reason, in Norway it has been established that in a female prison, a male prison officer cannot strip search a prisoner, but in a male prison it is ok that females are present.

This is offensive—I do not see any alternatives".

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